About this blog

 I’m a line cook in Philadelphia. When I started digitizing my recipes I decided I might as well share them. Here are the foods I make at home and the thoughts that go through my head. The food I’m passionate about is a cut above - mainly Italian but I’m very open.  I think these recipes should speak for themselves but between the three restaurants I’ve worked in in Philadelphia there’s eight bells - not bad. At this level, I love the great ingredients, the science and art, the creativity, the passion, the technical prowess, the teamwork, and most of all the experience of eating something really good.  

But the current culture of food in this society and especially fine dining - the hedonism, the waste, the financial and cultural inaccessibility, the meat and dairy and eggs, let alone the imperialist parasitism that make their abundance possible, the male chauvinism - is, well, not what I’m passionate about. While I take great pride and satisfaction from eating, cooking, and thinking about food, part of my aim in  life as well as with this blog is to affect radical change in society.   On a planet where for hundreds of millions of people a menu - a choice of foods to eat - is beyond what they can even hope for, I aim to take the great knowledge and skill found in high-end kitchens and make it serve humanity.  

This blog is obviously not going to do much on it’s own towards that end, but while I’m working mad hours, training and learning and then cooking relatively simply at home to refine my own food (without a dishwasher!), writing up what works and what doesn’t, I feel like I might as well share some of that knowledge, as well as share some broader truth about what’s going on in society because that needs all the exposure that it can get.  Please, if anyone’s reading this, engage with what I’m posting, comment, write me, let me know what you’re doing if its similar. 

You might notice that all of this food is vegan - I have empathy for animals and I want future generations to be able to survive on this planet.  I hope to raise the bar for what everybody eats - vegans as well as flesh-eating zombies omnivores.

When I’m not cooking or eating I try to put some time and effort towards the We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour, and it’s parent organization World Can’t Wait, I try to spend as much time with my partner and my cat as possible, and I read avidly.